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  • Finland’s Steerprop has launched a new propeller

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    Finland’s Steerprop has launched a new propeller

    Recently, Finlands Steerprop has launched a new propeller, this propeller adopts new pair of rotary propeller (CRP) ECO LM of Switch company’s permanent magnetic technology.

    The Steerprop company has been developed thrusters since 2001, and The Switch company, which is an advanced transmission solutions development company, has been using its permanent magnet technology to improve performance in ship applications.

    According to Steerprop, the new Steerprop CRP ECO LM propeller will use a horizontal (vertical) permanent magnet motor so it can be mounted on the inside of a hull to simplify installation and maintenance. When the motor is mounted to the top of the booster, the propeller’s size will be more compact and will improve efficiency without affecting fluid dynamics and reducing running costs.

    It is learned that the Steerprop company ‘s coaxial contra-rotating propellers is known for its  superior fluid dynamic efficiency. In some cases, it will be as much as 25 percent less fuel than a single thruster or conventional electric thruster. By combining The thrusters with The Switch company permanent magnet motor, The whole ship efficiency can be optimized. It can further improve the energy efficiency of ships, reduce the emission of ships and save costs.

    In addition, because of the permanent magnet motor and all the auxiliary electrical systems and equipment installed inside the hull will ensure easy maintenance and reliability, the propeller is compact, the characteristics of light weight also means that the installation is more simple.

    According to Steerprop, its CRP ECO LM propeller is particularly suitable for harsh environment and can meet the need of ice-breaking, and has obtained the highest ice level certification. Because of its strong structure and light load, it produces low noise and vibration, so it can enhance the comfort of the crew.


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