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  • Greek shipowners is still dominate in the new shipbuilding market

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    Greek shipowners is still dominate in the new shipbuilding market

    In 2017, the global new ship orders began to grow significantly, in the new ship orders book, the Greek shipowners continue to lead, followed is Chinese shipowners, and China and South Korea shipyard has become the only choice for foreign shipowners.

    Alibra Shipping data show that, as of now, the number of new ship orders of bulk carriers, container ships and oil tankers this year has reached 146,in addition, there are 26 alternative orders. 24 of these alternative orders are oil tankers, showing the oil market there are some potential.

    Alibra Shipping points out that the demand for oil tanker trading is on the rise in the international. The oil tankers shipowner around the world have made 93 oil tankers, of which 27 ships are VLCC, plus 8 VLCC alternative orders. There are 23 Alfira-type tankers, half of which are LR2 oil tankers, and a large number of small oil tanker orders, of which more than 15,000 deadweight tons of oil tanker orders are 21 ships.

    Since this year, 146 new ship orders, the Greek shipowners have made 40 ships, the Chinese shipowners made 26 ships. Chinese shipowners made a variety of sizes. Greek shipowners tend to make oil tankers, accounting for 65% of its new ship orders, that is 26 ships, of which the Greek shipowners favor the VLCC new ship orders for 15 ships.

    In addition, Alibra Shipping said the Greek shipowners made 14 bulk carriers, of which 10 were Panamanian bulk carriers. Alibra Shipping said that international shipowners prefer to order bulk carriers, oil tankers and container ships in China and South Korea. In the 2017 new ship order market, the Chinese shipyard and the Korean shipyard received orders respectively accounted for 45% and 44%, Japan shipyard only 7%.


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