Jet Pump Propeller 1000mm

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Propeller Model: JPP1
Propeller Type: FPP
Application ship type : Jet Pump
Diameter: 1000mm
Pitch: 1250mm
Ratio: 0.75
Number of leaves : 4
Material Type : Cu1,Cu3,Cu4
Direction: Turn left and right
Certification selection: ABS、BV、NK、CCS
Lead Time: 15-30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C

 JPP1 Propeller 1000mm

JPP1 Propeller 1000mm

JPP1 Propeller 1000mm

1. Advanced design and excellent manufacturing: meets the harsh conditions, high strength and heavy load operation capacity.

2. Rich product specifications: meet different ship types requirements and different working environments.

3. High quality: the products was tested by 60 tons of computer hydraulic universal testing machine,2000kg balancing machines and spectrometers and other advanced detection equipments.

4. CCS, BV, ABS, NK certificates.

Propeller type
Application ship type
Number of leaves
Jet Pump
Jet Pump
General Information of JPP1 Propeller 1000mm
Model JPP1
Propeller Type FPP
Application ship type Jet Pump
Diameter 1000mm
Pitch 1250mm
Ratio 0.75
Number of leaves 4
Direction Turn left and right
Certification selection ABS、BV、NK、CCS
Material Type Cu1,Cu3,Cu4
Other Information of JPP1 Propeller 1000mm
Propeller Type MAU、B、KA、High N、Side-spin
Optional Diameter Range 1000mm-5000mm
Optional propeller speed range <1500 rpm
Delivery Date 30-60 working days
Warranty Within 12 months of arrival in destination port
Installation and Commissioning Installation and commissioning by the customers

Working together with our business partner Hispeed, Hangzhou Advance and DCEC |CCEC|Deutz marine engine.we are able to provide a complete engine power pack for all shipyard customers all over the world. We can provide the complete service from design, supply, installation to commissioning ; for more information, please visit,, Transmission

User Guidelines

1.Stern shaft cone and propeller cone hole should be bedding-in, after bedding-in and inspection should be 75% of the area of uniform contact, 25X25 mm2 area of not less than 2 to 4 contact points.

2.Use a drive key to connect the propeller and the stern shaft, wipe the mating surface, move the stern shaft to the corresponding position and set the “O” ring, turn the stern shaft to the key up, in the propeller cone Surface coated with butter, but with the surface shall not be painted butter.

3.Raise the propeller and align the center of the taper hole with the center of the stern shaft and set the propeller over the stern shaft. When the stern shaft through the cone hole out of the propeller end face, immediately put the stern shaft nut and tighten, large propeller nut tightening work generally with a hammer percussion wrench, you can also use the air hammer for percussion , The effect is better.

4.In order to prevent the seawater from penetrating into the mating surface of the stern shaft cone and the propeller cone, a watertight device must be fitted between the front end face of the propeller hub and the rear end flange of the anti-corrosion sleeve. , Oil and resistant to seawater corrosion, Shore hardness of 65 ~ 70 water bottle.


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