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     Propeller design

    Propeller design and speed forecast, the propeller design is an important part of the design of the ship. After the preliminary design of the ship profile is completed, the effective horsepower curve of the ship is obtained by the estimation of the effective horsepower. On this basis requires us to design an efficient propeller. Both to achieve a predetermined speed and to consume a small horsepower; or when the host has been selected, it is required to design a propeller that maximizes the speed of the ship under given host conditions.

    Using the propeller map design, is based on the propeller model open water test drawn from the dedicated map to design. After obtaining the effective horsepower curve of the designed ship, the following steps are carried out:

    (1). Preliminary design: determine the optimal speed of the propeller, and then determine whether the host selected before the requirements, through the best speed, obtained reduction ratio, select the appropriate reduction gear box.

    (2). Finally design: to determine the speed of the propeller, through a series of map design calculations to determine the propeller diameter, disk than other factors, and bubble correction.

    (3). If the diameter of the calculated diameter exceeds the limit diameter, do the diameter of the propeller.

    The number of propellers should be considered in consideration of factors such as propulsion performance, vibration, maneuverability and host capability. In general, increasing the propeller diameter increases the efficiency of open water when the total layout is reasonable. For the cargo ship, due to draft restrictions, the ship type for the two-tailed boat, using double propeller.

    The selection of the number of blades of the propeller, the choice of the number of leaves should be based on ship type, draft, propulsion performance, vibration and vacuosity and other aspects to be considered. It is generally believed that if the diameter and expansion area of the propeller are the same, the efficiency of the leaves is slightly higher and the number of leaves is increased due to the interference of the cascade. But the number of leaves to reduce the vibration of the more favorable leaves less to avoid the bubble in favor. At the same time, the number of propeller blades and the number of the main cylinder can not be the whole relationship, or prone to resonance phenomenon. Design patterns available for many of the map, the low-speed vessels, usually using MAU series or B series, which MAU bubble performance is better.

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