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  • Seven Zero Two Office R & D world’s largest propeller obtain leaping breakthrough

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    Seven Zero Two Office R & D world’s largest propeller obtain leaping breakthrough

    Recently, Seven Zero Two Office designed the 400,000 tons of VLOC propeller and energy-saving guide wheel program successfully passed the vacancy test assessment in Sweden SSPA pool. This marks by the Ministry of Industry and high technology ship research program continue to support merchant ship hydrodynamic energy saving device Self-development and large propeller localization work achieve a leaping breakthrough , in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the ship of the shipyard laid the foundation.

    The Seven Zero Two Office designs of 400,000 tons of VLOC propeller diameter is 11.2 meters, the world’s largest diameter of the propeller at present; and the host power high, the stern companion flow field complex, speed and the index of cavitation performance requirements high , propeller design extremely difficult.

    It is understood that the order is the Chinese shipyard received 30 new 400,000 tons of VLOC package last year, the order account of China’s 2016 new shipbuilding market orders 30%. Currently, the world of new shipbuilding is in market downturn situation, a number of well-known foreign propeller manufacturers Eyeing on the 30 VLOC propeller orders. Domestic manufacturers want to get orders, the first must be win in the propeller design performance.

    To this end, the Seven Zero Two Office organizes the capable strength to establish Design R & D project team for 40 million tons of VLCC propeller and energy saving guide wheel, and blod employ the research results of high-tech ship research projects in engineering design. In the multi-round competitive model test, the project team fought Norway MARINTEK, Sweden SSPA and other foreign ship model test pool, successively in the rapid test, the bubble test victory over Japan’s Nakajima, Germany MMG, Finland Wartsila and other international The famous three propeller design company, for the domestic shipyard to save high costs, but also for domestic ships supporting enterprises to obtain huge orders. The success of this project reflect the Seven Zero Two Office is in the leading level of  ship propulsion and hydro power technology innovation.

    Over the past 10 years, in the 32 million tons of VLCC propeller design competition, the Seven Zero Two Office design the program repeatedly defeat Japan famous propeller design company, making China several major shipyards finally supporting the international advanced level of independent design of propeller products, product competitiveness has been significantly improved, and for the shipyard to create a considerable economic benefits. In 2016 also achieved a 11800 TEU million boxes of container ship propeller real ship application breakthrough.

    Recently, in the Ministry of Industry and a number of high-tech ship research projects with the support of the project, the Seven Zero Two Office break through foreign technology blockade and monopoly in the aspect of Ultra-large propeller and hydroelectric energy-saving device design technology,and has come to the forefront of the world. Large propeller and hydrodynamic energy-saving device design has reached more than 50% of the domestic market share, getting the majority of shipyards, design institutes and the owner of the recognition . In the large, large-scale civilian ship propeller design technology and engineering applications for China’s shipbuilding industry have achieve a good economic and social benefits.



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